Wednesday, 18 January 2012

(Day 48) Unconditional love

Unconditional love

The kind of love where you would rock your tiny baby for hours and hours when she has belly pain from colic, and doesn't want you. She wants Mummy instead. But you do it anyway.
The kind of love where you offer loving kisses and cuddles in exchange for full nappies and spew all down the front of your shirt, but the kisses and cuddles are always there for you anyway.

The kind of love where you pick up that little person who holds a piece of your heart, and she cries straight away because she was expecting somebody else. And your heart breaks a little bit, but you keep doing it anyway.

That is the kind of love that your Daddy has for you.

Yesterday you got your immunisations and Mummy was so stressed and anxious about seeing you in pain that Daddy absolutely insisted that he hold you while you got your needles. Mummy protested (a lot) but was going a little bit green in the doctor's surgery, so Daddy insisted, rationalising that "she doesn't like me all that much anyway, so it can't hurt". Poor Daddy.

You have been grumbly and sore and out-of-sorts ever since, and all you want is Mummy. But Daddy picks you up and holds you, rocks you and kisses you anyway. He is a persistent kind of guy.

You are crying and sooking and not very happy at all. Then Daddy picks you up for the hundredth time, and you are suddenly very quiet. For the first time, you are pretty ok with Daddy holding you. You even offer him a tiny little smile. 

Maybe you have decided that Daddy is not so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Such a sweet photo :) And what a lucky little princess to have such a devoted daddy. This will be so lovely to look back on one day whe she goes through that "daddy's girl" stage (all little girls do, don't they?!). :)

tricia - The Itchy Eyes said...

She's just beautiful! Amazing face. Wow! Poor daddy. Poor daddy gets the rough end in my household too (except my daughter is four so she tells him to his face "I don't want you, I just want mummy" - poor daddies).

Anonymous said...

beautiful, daddy cuddles are the best

Pamela said...

Ok, you just made me cry a little bit.
The photo alone was adorable, the photo with your beautiful words was sublime.
Thank you for a truly gorgeous post. :)

Andrea said...

That is just beautiful.

My poor husband can relate to this post. Our son refused to be held by him for the majority of the first 6 months of his life :( But times changed, the baby grew up and they have a great relationship now!