Monday, 16 January 2012

( Day 46) Finally a day alone!

It is a rare day that you get to wake up like this...unhurried, stretching and waking in your own time.

You decided to be born on the first day of school holidays, so with three big brothers and sisters we are most often woken up by bangs and clangs, arguments for the remote control, or little people sneaking into our room to see if you are awake yet!

This morning is bliss... everyone's at Nina's house and you are all alone in our big bed with Mummy, free to wake up when you please!


Anonymous said...

3 big brothers and sisters

Tara said...

What a beautiful moment to capture!

Super Mummy! said...

thank you Tara :-) I am the classic stalker mummy - the camera phone is with me at all times!!!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous! What a peaceful way to wake up. :)