Saturday, 1 September 2012

(Day 273) New house

Today we went to look at our new house - our first ever house that is going to be 'ours'

This is a pic of us taken almost by accident as we walked through excitedly taking photographs of all of the little nuances and things that might need to be looked at and fixed before and after we move in.

It is nothing short of miraculous to me, the life changes that have happened since you have come in to our lives...and more so, the changes that have happened between our first child and our last child.

Whereas our children have all known us through different stages; as teenage parents struggling, living in a caravan and busking in different places, travelling around in a 1970's kombi van and frequenting folk music festivals

and then as young parents, struggling to gain a degree and an apprenticeship, raising chickens, joining bands, taking on two or three jobs at a time, working holidays, nights and weekends to get an education, send children to school and get enough money for our own vehicles, accomodation and family stability

We have been through poverty and business development, years of study, and travel, work and sacrifice

And yet the world of our family that you, Layla, have been born in to is profoundly different. The year that you were born (and in the months proceeding), your parents have been together for over 15 years. 

Your brother and sisters are well into their primary and secondary schooling, and your home is nothing if not stable, secure and perfect for all of your needs. 

Your parents are both qualified. Your brother and sister are homeschooling and always here whenever you need them. Three months after you were born, your mama got her car license, and graduated from university -  so you will never know a life where you are stuck at home with one parent without transport.  

And very soon, you will live in a house that belongs to our family, which you will be able to forever call your own.


me said...

Congrates on the house. An exciting time for you all I'm sure - Eat

Amber {we stood together} said...

A gorgeous photo of you and your lovely Layla. I love how she is looking up at you with adoring eyes :)

Super Mummy! said...

Thank you Amber and Eat - look at that gorgeous look on her face! I agree :-) i am so lucky. And we are veryexcited!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Thankyou for sharing. You sound so pleased and proud.... you TOTALLY should be!! I love the look on Layla's sweet face :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a momentous occasion. What a precious moment to capture, and to reflect on your journey so far.

Nicole said...

What a great post! I too love how Layla is looking up at you.

Hannah Joy said...

Oh I can just feel your excitement!! We are not there yet (we are still the young parents renting and gaining degrees and working our butts off to get more stability) but I often look at houses to buy with a bit more than a tad of longing. One day! But so so happy you have pushed through and made it, so encouraging. What a wildly different life for Layla than her siblings! Such a lovely photo and lovely read, as always :)