Friday, 31 August 2012

(Day 272) Dolls

As a daughter growing up in a very non gender - stereotypical home, you haven't had much experience with dolls. As parents we never really subscribed to the whole 'cars for boys' and 'dolls for girls' thing     ( however it is like trying to hold back a tidal wave, attempting to prevent this from happening in our society!). 

Thus we have very few pretty dolls laying around for you to play with, and you are most content and happy playing with stuffed animals (particularly tigers) which endlessly fascinate you. Tigers are your particular favourite, as you are a fan of National Geographic (which you watch alongside your big sister, who is fanatical about animals) and you make growling type noises every time you see anything even resembling a tiger!

However you have had two encounters with dolls - one at your Nina's place, where you cooly assessed the life-like baby doll, realised that it was a baby (albeit a baby with something very wrong with it, as it was cold and unmoving!) and proceeded to wail hysterically, prompting the swift removal of the offending life-less play thing! 

This time, you were much more accommodating of the idea of a baby that was not quite a baby, and proceeded to poke and prod her eyes, try to communicate with her, perform a quick taste test, and then slowly let her go, not to be picked up again!

I wonder if you will grow up and eventually love dolls? or perhaps be like your older sister, who never left a doll unattended in her room, lest they awaken and attack her in the night!

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