Tuesday, 20 March 2012

(Day 109) MY HERO

Dear Layla,

 I am absolutely positive that throughout your life, your big sisters and your big brother will be your heroes. Whenever you need something, they are there for you, and whenever you call out for them, they come running! 

And I know that without a doubt, if any one of them had to run in front of a bus to save your life (God forbid!) they would do it! But today it was your big brother's turn to be your hero

It was about 5am when we woke for your morning feed, and there was a big thunderstorm. Sammy came running and jumped into your junior bed/ cot (we have a very big one!) to wait it out, when there was the most terrifying rumble of thunder overhead, followed by many flashes of light outside our window, and a tremendous roar, like a jet or a train was rushing very fast toward our house! Sammy and I looked at each other with wide eyes like "what is THAT?!" and by the time we woke your Daddy up, the wind that was coming at the side window was so hard and strong that Daddy and Mama were both putting our whole body weight on each side of the louvres to keep it from coming in!

That was when Sammy saw that you were by yourself, and (worried that something might happen to you!) he ran to the bed and quickly grabbed you and raced you into the hallway where your sisters were.  Realising that this wasn't just any storm, Mama and Daddy ran with the four of you into the lounge room where you all crouched down in between two couches for the next 10 minutes until the tornado was over. 

We never get tornado's here (this is more of a cyclone country!) and had no idea how bad it had been until the sun rose, and we were able to look outside and see the trees that had fallen, roofs that had come off, houses ripped apart, iron and fencing that had thrown through and pierced people's walls and littered the road. By some miracle, our street was spared from much of the damage, but only half a street up, there was devastation everywhere. 

The whole of today has been filled with the State Emergency Service going up and down the road assisting people, the ambulance taking nearby residents to hospital, the police setting up a station at the end of our street so that looters cannot come in and steal from the people with half of their houses missing, and helicopters taking pictures of our neighbourhood so that they know where the most help is needed. 

There have been so many heroes today, and I am so very proud of your big sisters for looking after you, but I think that you are safe to call Sammy your hero today 


Whitney Harness said...

Such a nice moment to capture - siblings can be the best friends you every have and we should all be grateful for them :)

Jodie said...

How terrifying! Although it looks like your family worked well together through it all!

me said...

That would have been scary for all of you, how wonderful big brother is looking out for layla so wonderfully - definately deserves the Hero badge - Eat

Anonymous said...

:| Sam Is Laylas Hero. |: