Wednesday, 21 March 2012

(Day 110) Faces

Every time that I look at this photo it cracks me up!

You are almost 16 weeks Layla- Rae, and you have started to pull the funniest expressions ever! 

You have a little chuckle to yourself when somebody does something that you like

You squeal really loudly when you want something

or when you don't like something

...or when you are just testing out your new-found voice!

You have also started making "ahh ahh' sounds when Mama sings to you, or when Sammy spends long periods of time sitting in front of you, trying to teach you to talk by saying "ahhhhh- come on Layla! - ahhhh"

Daddy was caught today, giving you playful little pinches on the bottom to get a squeal out of you - he is not too popular with you after that!

I just love to see the interesting little person that you are becoming!!!

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Anonymous said...

AHH! MY BOTTOM haha :)