Friday, 13 July 2012

(Day 225) A VERY Bad Mummy Day

Something that I did not expect as a parent is that some days you wake up and just Don't. Want . To. Be. 'Mummy'

I can hear that silent gasp

"What?!... isn't parenting just the most wonderful, awesome, amazing, ridiculously fulfilling, incredible thing that you have ever done in your entire life?!"


But some days I want to just wake up and just look after ME

A day when I can wake up and not be feeding four people, thinking for four people, not make sure that everybody is washed, fed, has clean living areas, has had enough exercise, eaten enough vegetables, and read something worth reading (especially since our home schooling began!). A day where I am not the person saying "please watch your tone when you talk to your sister", or "no, you can't wear that to the shopping centre!", "please pick up that toy so that Layla doesn't choke on it", "stop yelling please - use your inside voice!" 

I know that my fellow Mummy's have those days too, as I have the good fortune to be blessed with incredible friends who confess to me that they do go a whole weekend without (wait for it)... cleaning at all! or have an 'eating out of the cupboard day' where their children are allowed to eat anything that they like. I am a bit behind in the conscious Bad Mummy department as I am still (mostly) under the illusion that I am... (y'know) keeping. it . together

But today I had not just a Bad Mummy Day. I had a very Bad Mummy Day

 I told my children that today I was not Mummy. They could be the adults and make the decisions. Decide how they would talk to each other (or if they would wring each other's necks), what to eat,  and if they would clean the house. I had heard from somewhere that this tactic prompts a sense of responsibility in children, teaching them consequences, and mature decision-making

Whoever said that, lied!

What ensued (and the photographic evidence, which has since mysteriously disappeared) is not fit for public consumption

but included a lot of hysterical, excited screaming

 a little bit of jumping on couches

some running around sans-pants (in underwear, superman style - coz apparently that's what adults do)

an ugly episode that involved three children sculling three litres of coke for breakfast (which we will never speak of again)

an unsupervised half-hour walk to McDonald's where our teenage daughter's debit card was maxed-out

the adoption of a teenage boy who appeared at our house for several hours, and spent more time playing video games with his girlfriend's little brother, than with our daughter 

a surprisingly clean house (all of that forbidden caffeine must have given them the energy to clean!)

the discovery that wearing super short, super tight clothing in public is not as liberating as one had been led to believe

and the realisation that I would never be doing that again

On the positive side, I learnt that come a zombie apocalypse, I am pretty sure that my children could survive without me. Even if they were to do it with underpants on the outside and a belly full of caffeine!


Erin said...

I only have one, and she's just a baby, and I think the same thing (and then feel guilty for thinking it!) I'm glad that your kids handled being Mom-less with at least an amount of success, if not grace! Even wearing the littlest bubba!

Jules said...

I totally understand!!! I have those days,too. I am glad to hear yours were perfectly normal kids, with good and strange and upsetting qualities that emerged in this situation. I hope you got some rest, and time to refresh your soul.

Super Mummy! said...

LOL Erin, it is perfectly natural to need a little bit of time to re-group and come back a better Mummy! although my kids had the illusion of a mum-free day (and even got to do lots of naughty things while I sat back and said very little!) I had bubba all day, and they were being closely supervised. It was a funny day - I am happy that ( at 10,12 and 14) they think drinking Coke is the naughtiest thing they can do!

me said...

I had a bit of a chuckle at this post, kid's will be kids and it sounded like you all needed some hair down time. - Eat

Rachael said...

Awesome post...and adorable pictures. :) I've had plenty of days where I've felt that way. lol

Anne said...

I love the pics of Sam & Layla

Super Mummy! said...

Thank you Jules :-) I look forward to rest! Maybe in another few years,lol

Super Mummy! said...

Thanks Eat - I definitely needed hair down time, but I think it was more stressful being the 'bad mummy' and trying to supervise them without rules!

Super Mummy! said...

Thank you Anne :-) I love to see Sammy carrying Layla in the mei tai - how gorgeous are they like that?!

Super Mummy! said...

Hehe I think that its completely normal! I am fortunate that my children are ( mostly ) that bit older now - it is much easier at this age!

me said...

Very true, you worry more as to what trouble they are up too - a bit like when they are all too quiet..... - keep up the blog I've missed your blogging over the last 2 weeks - though I guess you are probably really busy with homeschooling.

Super Mummy! said...

Aw thank you!!! I have been a bit behind on uploading our pics - busy chasing after our brood! But I didn't think anybody would notice, lol.