Sunday, 1 July 2012

(Day 212) In captivity

Four weeks in to our homeschooling adventure, and the playpen has become the necessary evil!

Now that you are too old to be carried around 24/7 in the mei tai, and are busying your days with pulling books out of bookshelves, attempting to chew on electrical cords (noooo!!!) and licking shoe soles (not as bad as electrical cords, but still not a good option!), there are tiny moments in the day between being 

a) loved and adored by Mummy

b) dancing/ playing/ singing/ reading with your brother and sisters

c) loved and adored by Dada 


d) being lavished with attention by any of the above

that you actually need to be given a chance to run around alone - without falling down the stairs!

Nevertheless, it is quite evident that even in captivity, you are never quite alone...

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