Sunday, 15 July 2012

(Day 227) Breastfeeding at 7 months

There is always some contention about publishing intimate photographs on the internet - especially those that may include breasts! however breast feeding is so much a part of our life at the moment (and the life of Layla) that I don't think we could do an authentic 365 day project without at least a few, as this is how Layla spends many, many hours of her week

Snuggled close to her Mummy, playing with my face as she drinks, or running her fingers lightly over her own eye lashes

In all of my motherhood I have never had the privilege of being able to breast feed any of my babies up until 7.5 months old

So I have never known the incredible feeling of having a baby who is old enough to understand that you are both a source of love, comfort and nourishment, crawl up to me, reach her hands out for me to pick her up, and then nuzzle in for a feed and a nap

I have never known a baby old enough to smile, or pull away and giggle (or sometimes play and giggle between suckling) while feeding at the breast - then drift off into a blissful sleep while clinging to my shirt and not wanting to be put down

It has its akward moments; like when Layla is particularly energetic, and hungry at the same time - somehow thinking it is possible to watch her big brother/ crane her neck to look at something else of interest, and feed at the same time!

 or when she wants to dance and kick her legs while feeding, and is not in the slightest bit interested in letting go!

But when I look at these amazing brown eyes, morning, noon and night (sometimes multiple times in the night) - this is what inspires me to keep going with our breast feeding journey at this time

PLEASE NOTE: this post is a little reminder for myself of the wonderful moments that I might have otherwise missed if I hadn't been so closely documenting her first year. However wonderful and rewarding breast feeding has been for Layla and I, this was not always the case with all of my children, and I am not an anti-bottle advocate in any way. As a mum of 4, I know that every mother and every baby is different, and I am an advocate for whatever keeps Mummy and baby happy, and your family content (and sane!) - if this is not breast feeding for you, I know that I found many ways to experience closeness and joy whilst lovingly bottle feeding in the past x

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