Sunday, 15 January 2012

(Day 45) Making Nonna's Day

One of the advantages of having our children so young is that each of you has been able to meet and form a special relationship with at least one of your great-grandparents.

After a crazy-hectic day, almost at the end of six weeks of school holidays, with each of us exhausted (and Mum and Dad contemplating running away from home!) we do a last-minute stop off at the nursing home for a cuddle with Nonna. You lay on Nonna's chest, oblivious to your big brother throwing a tantrum because he has come off a sugar high and isn't allowed to have a hot chocolate, your eldest sister (almost 14!) getting in trouble because she has written 'bum' in condensation on the window of the nursing home, your other big sister stamping her feet because she has been up until 3am at a sleepover and doesn't want to be out of bed, and your Dad curled up in the corner trying not to rock back and forth, lol.

For you and Nonna this moment is perfect. You sleep on her chest for over an hour, smiling in your sleep while she marvels at your little fingers and toes, runs her hand over your soft hair and wraps your little sheet around your ears so that you don't get cold.

And when we leave, tired, grumpy, going back to a house of dishes, making dinner and getting ready for bed, Nonna is completely content, and I know that you have made her day.


Super Mummy! said...

Day 45/365 - I am really late with my postings!

Shannon Marie said...

My great-grandma passed away a few years ago at the age of 99. She was one of the most important people in my life. This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind beautiful photo, and it makes me smile.

Karen T said...

Ah, this made me teary (and giggle at the other family stuff!)... such a beautiful post! Thank you. What a precious gift to our children fo them to know other generations in their family.