Sunday, 18 December 2011

(Day 17) You held your breath!

Some days you do things that absolutely astound us!

It has been a long nine years since we had a little baby in the house and we forget the little things that make up a baby! 

Today you were in the shower and held your breath until your face and head was bright red. It was not intentional but Daddy had put the top of your head under the water and you must have thought you were going for a swim! 

We can't wait to take you to swimming lessons - at least we know that you can hold your breath!


Sister Of Layla-Rae said...

Layla-Rae Drips With Waterdrops After A Warm Shower With Daddy :P

Kate said...

oh how cute - arent baby instincts so amazing?? love her little face, she looks pretty surprised! :)