Wednesday, 21 December 2011

(Day 20) Me and my best friend

This is you and your bestie Sophie Kate. You are going to be best friends. It has been decided!

You and Sophie were conceived in the same week.  

We tried to keep it a secret for a little while when we both got pregnant, but as it turns out, we were both very bad at keeping secrets. You kind of already knew Sophie even when you were in our bellies. 

Both of you gave your Mummies morning sickness at the same time, and then you grew very big together. 

You would kick Sophie's mummy when she rubbed my belly, and Sophie would kick your mummy!

You both enjoyed lots of Tim Tams, hot chocolates and lemonades while you were swimming in our bellies, and when you were too big to swim and were crammed tight in there, you both got to listen to long conversations about exciting things like heartburn, braxton-hicks contractions and increasing bra sizes (lucky you!)

You were there (though I am not sure if you remember) curled up very tightly inside me, when Sophie Kate decided to make a surprise entrance into the world four weeks early, and Sophie got to borrow some of your little clothes, a long time before you would come out to try them on.

Then Sophie got to meet you five weeks later, when you decided to come out late!

You and Sophie are very different. She has the thick, dark hair that we thought you would have, and you  have skin like peaches and cream, like we thought Sophie might have.

 She is a cuddly, chubby and boisterous little girl.

You are tiny,delicate and deliciously kissable.

She squirms and coos and kicks about. Quite often while you are trying to get some sleep.

But together you are the two most perfectly gorgeous baby girls in the whole wide world.

So naturally you are going to be the best of friends xxx


Heidi said...

This post is absolutely adorable! My little Archer also has a Sophie, her name is Hazel. They were also conceived the same week and we are certain they will be best friends :)

Karen T said...

Beautiful!! It's so lovley having close friends with bubs the same age... such precious times watching them grow up together!