Saturday, 24 December 2011

(Day 23) Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and you must be really excited to see Santa because you don't want to sleep!

We wake up for a 3am party on the change table and you happily wait to be fed and entertained! The night is spent texting Bec (who is also awake every couple of hours with baby Sophie) and trying to keep Mummy's eyes open by watching baby shows on Austar (which was installed in anticipation of just these such nights).

Just as you go to sleep at midnight, your brothers and sisters decide that Santa must have come, and at 1am the house is alive with whispers and lolly eating as Sam unwraps his Santa treats and wakes the girls up to do the same. 2am and Mummy is finally back to sleep. 3am and we are up again.

Merry First Christmas baby girl!

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