Friday, 9 December 2011

(Day 8) First meeting Aunty Erica

From the first minute that we found out I was pregnant, Aunty Erica wanted to know everything about you. 

How big were you? 

What did you look like?

What day were you going to arrive?

Would you call her Aunty, or just Erica like Bella, Aidan and Sam did?

How many weeks were in a pregnancy?

How many more weeks do we have to wait to meet you?

Alongside Bella, she counted down the days on a calendar, Googled video's of babies moving inside the uterus at 5 weeks, 8 weeks and 16 weeks gestation, looked up pictures of plums and apples and watermelons to compare 'what size you were now'... and in the last month of my pregnancy, asked me a billion times to please remember to let her know straight away when you came out!

And when she met you for the first time she held you like she had been waiting a thousand days, and for the first time in nine months, Aunty Erica had run out of things to say :-) 


Anonymous said...

What a precious moment, what a lovely "Aunty"

Megan said...

Oh my goodness - that is such a sweet story. And the photo - well - she just emanates with love!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful! What a delightfully devoted Aunty. Just lovely :)

Fiona said...

So sweet! I love how fresh little babys can bring such a quiet reverence over kids (and adults alike). Congratulations on the new arrival:) Aunty Erica looks rather smitten!