Saturday, 21 January 2012

(Dy 51) Waking up to you

I love waking up to you

Gorgeous little pink toes, chubby knees, little hands that reach out to clasp on to Mummy's top

Murmers and yawns as you stretch and wriggle around, not quite awake but looking for Mummy to give you your morning feed

Gurgling and cooing and smiling as your nappy is changed, and drifting off back to sleep

It is one of the favourite parts of my day, and even when the day starts at 4.30am I am so very grateful to be waking up to you


Megan said...

It is a lovely time of the day, isn't it. You describe it so well :)

Anonymous said...

What sweet little toes, and again what lovely memories you are creating with your beautiful words

Super Mummy! said...

thank you Megan - after such a big gap in between our babies, it is this wonderful little treat to be able to wake up to this little person and fall in love with her all over again every morning!

Super Mummy! said...

aw thank you Becky - she is just the sweetest, sweetest thing! we are so in love! (and it is hard picking just one photo of her every day!)