Wednesday, 1 February 2012

(Day 62) A life of Love - an afternoon in the life of Layla

You live a life of love

This afternoon I decided to just sit back with the camera and record a typical afternoon in the life of Layla - the most special and (arguably) one of the most loved and adored little girls in the whole world! 

How wonderful would it be if everybody on Earth were adored like this?... wouldn't the world be a truly amazing place?

A quick chat with Mum after a long breast coo and dribble, content and sleepy on my lap

3pm: everybody's home! Sammy whisks you off Mummy's lap for a long cuddle and a play, a few kisses and he tells your sister off sternly when she makes a loud noise to startle you

A little while later you get more cuddles from your big sister 

But not before she lays down with you for a long talk about how wonderful you are. You are curled up together as she whispers "I love you so much, you are so beautiful and wonderful and special. You are such a special little girl, we are so lucky to have you". You listen intently, though you don't yet know the words that she is speaking to you. I wonder what you will say back, when you can understand all of the beautiful things that your brother and sisters whisper to you?

Your biggest sister stops in for a hug and a chat. You are still half asleep but very interested in all of the fuss around you... I think you may be getting used to all of this attention!

Daddy's home and is quickly ambushed by a flood of chatter about what happened at school today (including the re-enactment of several critical events of the day) while you look on with interest

Then straight into Daddy's arms....

There is no doubt, Layla-Rae, you are living a life full of love :-) 


Rebecca Keals said...

What a lucky little girl, all of you to dote on her and appreciate her all her tiny cuteness.
I love how you have documented her day.

Fiona said...

Oh Layla-Rae, you are cherished! Sounds like a great life to me:)