Friday, 3 February 2012

(Day 64) I am happy that my pain is amusing you!

I am happy that my pain is amusing you!

Trying to get fit while having a newborn baby (and three other big babies!) is almost as impossible as trying to eat a meal while it is actually hot, or have a shower when I actually need one, or do the dishes with one hand while breast feeding with the other

But I have become the queen of multi-tasking

Today I am doing weights and squats (part of it with my phone camera in one hand) while you are gleefully delighting in the pained expressions on my face, and the absolute hysterically funny (apparently) experience of watching Mummy move around above your bassinet for no apparent reason at all!

Maybe this is the start of helping you to have a healthy attitude to exercise in the future...or kick starting a bad habit of laughing at your parents ridiculousness. Either way, you are so incredibly gorgeous this morning, and I am happy that I am amusing you!


Big Bad Wolf said...

all that stuff you are doing, and you manage to ace a pic..nice pic..cute smile on the baby..gotta luv it!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, aren't you a wonderful mama :) Layla looks like she is absolutely loving it!!!

georgia said...

Your little one is giving me serious baby envy. The gums! I want a baby with little gums again!

Shannon said...

Such sweet pictures! I can do just about anything while breastfeeding, but I could never take clear pictures while exercising.