Monday, 6 February 2012

(Day 68) Too hot for a nappy!

Today was much too hot for clothes

Your grandmother suggested that it might be nice to let you play without a nappy for a while sometimes, so we trialled that idea for a little bit

Like a trooper you delightedly peed...

On a cloth nappy

All over the towel underneath the nappy

... and then all through the (back-up) surely-she-doesn't-have-enough-pee-to-soak-this-doona as well!

Which ultimately resulted in a long, cool shower - which made you very happy

Awesome day for you...very long day for Mummy!


Karen T said...

Nappy free time is frought with danger... and delight! That long cold shower sounds divine..... :)

Fiona said...

Ah yes, hot days are a little interesting for the little ones! (Agh, and the big ones!) A cool shower works wonders! You are both looking rather refreshed:)