Friday, 10 February 2012

(Day 70) Your first baby sleep over

It is a very special sleep over indeed where everybody spends more time breast feeding than talking

and sleeps on the floor

in the day time!

Today you had the happy opportunity to have a play date with your bestie Sophie, and another gorgeous little bub who we met on one of our outings to the pool (one of your favourite sleeping spots!), which was really mostly a play date for Mummy! 

Your new friend, baby G, and your bestie, are both born on the same day! and are three months old, as are many of the 'baby boom' bubs in our part of Australia, all conceived during / immediately after cyclone Yasi hit. They are both at the stage where they are laughing and giggling away, kicking their legs and squealing. 

I love that although you are not yet ready for squealing and laughing, you look at me intently as I entertain baby G, and give a little squeak-and-smile (I almost got a laugh from you!!!) and kick your legs excitedly

You are SO close to a giggle that I am expecting it any day now, and I have heard you giggle in your sleep so I know it is coming!

You are soooo lucky to already have little friends to share your milestones with already - and Mummy is happy to let you have lots of little baby sleep overs!


Melinda Townsend said...

This shot is too cute. Lucky, lucky Layla!

Shannon said...

Great shot, they all look so sweet! It's great that you have a little play group!

Samantha said...

Those beds look amazing!!!

SisterOfLayla said...

:) Baby sleepovers are better! They last at least half an hour. 2 hrs playtime and then its over! Lucky mummies! No noisy kids !