Sunday, 12 February 2012

(Day 72) Babysitting

We celebrated Daddy's birthday today with sushi, a trip to the lazer skirmish, and many hours on video games at the game parlour (is that even what you call them these days?). The music blared, our teenage and pre-teen girls danced around like mad people (joined by some random staff member with an afro), Daddy and Aidan beat a whole lot of people at lazer skirmish (and were very proud of themselves), and Bella and Sam spent the GNP of a small country on slot-game machines. 

 You spent most of the day snuggled into your Nina, almost oblivious to the noise (and possibly aided by the dummy that she had stashed in her purse), and unwittingly assisting Nina in her campaign to let her babysit you while Mummy does something fun (like sleep). 

But I am not quite ready to let you go yet - even for a couple of hours.

So this is about as close to babysitting as you are going to get!

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