Wednesday, 22 February 2012

(Day 82) Busting out of the basinette!

It seems like yesterday that I dreamed of placing you into that beautiful basinette 

Folding newborn nappies and cleaning out the baby bath

But this week, it crept up on me just how fast you are growing when you 

1) almost knocked the baby bath over, trying to kick yourself out of it (your legs are a little too long and the baby bath is about to retire for good)

2) I struggled to fit your little bottom into newborn nappies (I suspect that we are on one of our very last packs of the new born size this week)


3) you are almost too big for your basinette 

I am SO not ready for you to be growing so fast, but with all of the milestones of the last few weeks, I am looking forward to getting to know the wonderful little girl that you are becoming 

xxx love from mama

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