Tuesday, 28 February 2012

(Day 88) 1# Songs in the key of Layla

Dear Layla

 It's undeniable that there is music in your soul

Mummy and Daddy were musicians long before we were Mummy and Daddy

We met in a blues bar where we were both performing (even though Mummy was underage, and gave her 'payment' of beer away to Daddy), and started our first few years of blissful married / engaged life busking on the streets, in markets and at festivals and blues bars. Your Daddy was the one with dredlocks and happy pants, and Mummy busked through my whole first pregnancy with your biggest sister, just because I loved music so much!

We have a house filled with guitars, bass, a keyboard, drums of all sizes and descriptions... and your sister's violin

Your sisters have an ongoing love affair with music, joining countless choirs and musical groups, and 
our house is always full of song, with your sisters singing (sometimes opposing songs or sometimes in unison) all day long, while your big brother hums songs to himself while he is playing video games or running around with the dogs... Bella even has her very own song (her namesake) which is played many times in our house!

Mummy sings as she washes the dishes, Aunty Sarah sings spontaneously (as she helps Mummy wash dishes), Daddy tinkers on the guitar (often joined by Sammy and the girls...we have quite a few guitars) whenever he is sitting in one spot, and whenever anybody is over, out comes the Singstar!

It may have come from your Nonna, who used to wake us kids up at 5am belting out Italian songs at the top of her lungs, giggling gleefully "festa! festa!' (party! party!) when we would moan and groan. Or your grandmother, who still has dreams of running off to join an opera...

Either way, it is completely undeniable, as you sit there today on your big sister's lap, learning how to play the keyboard with your tiny little feet, that there is music in your soul ...

Songs in the key of Layla...

Your song (Eric √álapton acoustic) - Daddy played this all throughout our pregnancy, and we knew that you just had to be a little Layla

The song that I used to sing to you all through the first month of your life (it makes me smile and cry most times...)

The magical song that your biggest sister plays to you whenever you get cranky - guaranteed to put you to sleep every time ( I couldn't find the Chris Cornell version that you love - but this is the original...)

xxx love Mama


Tarnya said...

What a lucky girl, having such talented, musical parents!

Heidi said...

Beautiful post and growing up surrounding by music sounds like the perfect childhood :)

SisterOfLayla said...

I love showing layla new things ! Music in her soul, Defineteley!