Tuesday, 3 April 2012

(Day 123) Bare bum on the beach

In the last few days you have been getting your very first tooth! At exactly four months old yesterday, it was a little bit of surprise, but you have been taking it pretty well. You have been a tiny bit grizzly but otherwise you are happy for approximately 23 hours of the day!

It is the second day of school holidays and it is super hot at the moment, so a trip to the beach was in order - there is nothing like heading to the beach first thing in the morning, holiday music blaring (you still have a penchant for John Butler Trio, so that is what is currently playing in our car!) and the wind in your hair (well not yours because you are still waiting for your hair to grow!). 

Your big sister was busy telling us how she couldn't wait until her 16th birthday so that she could get a car and drive off into the sunset, and your brother and sister thought she was crazy - because going to the beach with Mum is one of the most fun things in the world!

We were a little bit worried about letting you swim in the swimming enclosure because it is still stinger season, so your brother and sisters did the only logical thing...they dug you your own swimming pool!

What you are up to this week:

1) you think that your big brother is the funniest person in the universe! You gave him your very first proper laugh last night, when he did a silly dance and a song that he made up for you, which ends in a high pitched "are you fluffy?!" and you laugh and laugh until everybody in the house is laughing at you!

2) you have just got your first tooth starting to come through

3) you are rolling over onto your belly every single time that you are put down (and Bec is very much wanting Sophie to copy you!)

4) You have just started realising who people are (friends and family) and even smiled at your bestie yesterday, and tried to play with her for the first time - she was very happy!

5) you have discovered how to squeal when you want something!

6) you LOVE banana and had your very first meal of banana this week - demolishing almost half of it

7) Sam is constantly trying to get you to laugh again at the moment - doing his funny dance/ song at every moment. So much that every time you look at him you get a big smile on your face, just waiting for him to do something funny

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