Friday, 13 April 2012

(Day 133) Beach babe

You are officially now a beach babe

or a beach bum!

I am not sure how many days of your 133 days of life you have spent at the beach, but there have been many of them - so many that sunscreen and a beach hat are a staple in our nappy bag! 

Today was no exception - hanging out on a particularly windy day at the beach, watching Bella and Sam jump through very big waves, with one of Bella's school friends. Today Sam was trying out his new surf board, and having a great time getting dunked in the water and running back into it again. 

The wind was that hard and fast that we were struggling to walk against it at one stage, and you were tightly wrapped in your muslin cloth to stop sand from blowing into your face. However, being the curious little girl you are, you kept struggling free of the cloth and putting your face into the wind, then getting a shock when your eyes started to go red and puffy! 

This is a pic of you being stubborn and insisting on looking out to sea!

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