Monday, 23 April 2012

(Day 143) Why four children?

More times that I can care to remember, I have been asked 'why four children?', and more times than I care to remember, this question has been followed by negative remarks and comments about how much in life is lost by 'having' to raise kids. I couldn't disagree more. And here is why.

Children teach you excitement, and how to see joy in the smallest of things

When you have children, the mornings and brighter and full of joy, adventure and the promise of 'firsts'. First times smiling, laughing, playing, eating dirt or blowing raspberries at Mama. Everything is exciting, because seeing things for the first, second and (sometimes even the hundredth) time through your child's eyes is like seeing everything brand new all over again. There is nothing in the world quite like seeing your little person have their first taste of ice cream, or seeing the expression on their face when they discover that pulling Dada's hair makes him cry out - and seeing them do it again! 

And even into teenage-hood, the thrill of firsts (first dates, first concerts, first time performing on stage) never lose its excitement, as you watch your children experience new things for the first and second times, and grow and change into their own people.

Children teach you adventure!

Everything is an adventure for little people. Just visiting the beach is an adventure for children, who squeal when their feet hit the sand, and they go running head- first into the salty water. Pools are built in the sand by older siblings so that younger siblings can play in the water without fear of sharks or stingers (aww!). Boogie boards get turned into crab sanctuaries by little boys who carefully collect sea creatures, sand and seashells to create miniature theme parks. And something as simple as a crab shell can create hours of fun as children polish and shine it as a present to take home to Daddy, or as a souvenir of their day. 

Children show you how to appreciate freedom

With kids, going to the park is far more than just sitting under a pretty tree. It is full of swinging and jumping, running, roller blading, skating, swimming, spinning and rolling around in the grass. Children, (and even teenage children) when they are free of video games, television and all of the modern things that distract human beings from appreciating life, are the best teachers of freedom. When separated from shopping malls, brand name clothing and toy advertisements, children find ways to enjoy small things, and create joyfulness in the simplest of ways.

 As a parent, I often marvel at how wonderfully co-operative and creative our children can be when they are separated from modern media, and I endeavour to remove television, phones and internet from our day to day household as much as possible to allow our children to be creative, and enjoy spending time with each other. 

In short answer to why we have four children; 

they make our lives so much better, 


we are so incredibly lucky to be able to give our children the gift of each other


Maxima 1979 said...

Your storytelling is great.... lovely... heartwarming.... and so so true! Well done, thank you for making me smile!

Kate said...

how gorgeous!!!! just lovely to see you so content with your precious family - everyone should be free to choose their family size as long as they have love to give which you so clearly do!!!! i think the question should be why NOT 4 children when they are loved as much as yours!!! xx

Jules said...

That's beautiful! Photo and words. I needed to read all of that today, thanks.

Super Mummy! said...

thank you so much Maxima ;-)

Super Mummy! said...

Thank you Jules :-) It is days like today, when you receive such lovely comments, that spur you on to keep going with blogging, despite the millions of other parenting things that need to be done! x

Super Mummy! said...

Thank you Kate! I know that I have seen (very) big families on occasion and have been mindful to remind myself that just because I don't have seven or eight children, doesn't mean that somebody else could make that work beautifully! Our children are very loved, and little Layla is beyond being adored! every minute of her day is filled with somebody kissing or cuddling her - she is the very best gift that we could have ever given our older children!

me said...

So true, children are such a wonderful gift to us adults, they do remind us all of what is good and pure and innocent, they make our lives more fun, more full and somehow more complete - really enjoyed this blog and totally get where you are at - Eat