Friday, 4 May 2012

(Day 154) Babysitting your bestie

Today we baby-sat your bestie for the very first time! a 5 month old and a 6 month old in the same house with only one pair of mummy arms was an adventure - picture tandem holding, tandem feeding, tandem crying and tandem sleeping! It is a shame that nobody has invented a two-baby sling (one for the front and one for the back perhaps?) yet, however you absolutely adored Soph's walker, and made the most of her wonderful toy, tippy-toeing all over the place and running rings around your Mumma!

Particularly funny moments were had when you were both swinging from the roof (in your jolly jumping harnesses of course), Soph hanging dramatically, staring at the ground and trying to talk to her feet. You with your arms outstretched theatrically, and your feet in a ballerina pose, lightly pirouetting around the place, making soft, high-pitched squealing noises (obviously very proud of yourself!). 

Other fun times were had when Soph decided to puke all over the floor and start painting the floor with it while I was breast-feeding you

then when I put you in your jolly jumper so that I could clean Sophie up, you puked all over the floor and started making little spew-patterns with your feet (what was I thinking?!!!)

and as soon as I had cleaned both of you up, and Soph was nicely settled in her walker while I fed you again, your bestie let out a wonderfully mischievous giggle as she promptly filled her nappy! 

Ahh fun times! 


Anonymous said...

oh my! haha! Sounds like a fun-filled day, I bet you were exhausted afterwards! Good on you for getting them both to sleep at the same time though, that would have taken some effort!

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