Friday, 11 May 2012

(Day 161) Pained

Today you had a terrible belly ache all day 

which meant spending many, many hours trying to get to this end point!

finally asleep...

I am thinking this means that your love affair with food was short and brief (48 hours is not so bad as far as short love affairs go), and may need to be re-established at a later date 

which of course, means that you are going to want to be reunited with solid food more desperately than ever!

and I am going to have to go to extra lengths to keep anything that looks even vaguely edible out of your sight (and grasp!) 

oh why must we always want for things that we cannot have?!


Anonymous said...

oh no, poor bubba! I hope her tummy feels better asap!

Belinda Abbott said...

:( That's no good, I feel for your little bub. I hate hearing that they are upset or in pain, big hugs and I hope she is feeling better very soon.

Anonymous said...

oh no tummy aches are not fun at all. Poor bubba! Hope she feels better soon and can join her journey with solid food once again.. but of course this time more successfully!

Georgia said...

Poor sweat pea! Good thing she's got time to learn to eat food :)