Wednesday, 23 May 2012

(Day 173) Play group photo essay

Dear Layla

I always thought that play group was really a Mummy activity in disguised excuse to get together with other Mama's, change out of your baby-spewed on clothes, and talk other adults!

But today I realised that there is a bit more to this play group thing.

 For the first time, you were incredibly excited when I opened the play group door and you saw that there was a room full of babies! To my surprise you started squealing and lurching out of my arms, so happy to see all of your little friends! (even if you hadn't met a lot of them yet)

You spent a good two hours pseudo-crawling (not quite a crawl, but a kind of half-crawl,half-roll, half-pull thing that gets you around) and swimming while stranded on your belly (a sight to behold as your belly is stuck on the floor but your arms and legs are flailing out, kicking and wading in mid-air as you excitedly watch the toddlers run, and try to run too!). 

You also spend a good amount of time sucking other baby's legs and arms, and grabbing at their eyes!

Oh dear

...which was followed by a long sleep with your bestie

Maybe play group is a Mummy activity in disguise!

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