Tuesday, 29 May 2012

(Day 179) Awwww

I had my post all figured out for today... and then I saw the most gorgeous sight ever

Layla perched in her bumbo, dressed up in her suit, listening to a show put on by Daddy

Just for her

And as I tried to take that perfect photo

I got a more gorgeous one

...my bubba who had spied her Mummy, dropped everything else, arms outstretched

It is both sad and wonderful that I am at a point in my life where I know that this absolute love and devotion to your Mama, when the whole universe revolves around how close I am to her, and whether she can reach me quickly enough, is all too fleeting

Every minute that she is so in love with me, the way that I am with her, is more incredible than words can describe


me said...

Such a georgous photo, and beautiful post, a babies love is something to treasure isn't it - Eat

Super Mummy! said...

Thank you Eat - it is funny how, once you have older kids, you realise just how special the little things are :-) they are growing up much too quickly!