Saturday, 2 June 2012

(Day 183) 6 months old today!!!

Today you are 6 months old!

and as you are getting older, it is getting increasingly difficult to; 

a) find time to blog!

b) take any pics of you that aren't fuzzy - you are in constant motion

Some funny Layla facts about you at 6 months old:

- you are all but crawling! (there have been some great advances toward crawling, including lots of backward-crawls, side-manoeuvres, rocking back and forth on your hands and knees, rolling/ sliding/ inching forward and little crawl-hops, where you go to crawl, but end up hopping forward on your hands and knees

- your brother and sisters are spending much of their time enticing you to crawl, trying to video-tape your first crawls, and standing around cheering when you make even the slightest advancement. Wow! your very own cheer squad - you are incredibly blessed ;-) 

- you have started to eat solids!

- we are sweeping the floor several times a day because you are always refining your skills in grabbing/ pinching things between your thumb and forefinger

- you have two massive teeth, with which you are terrorising everybody with (Grandma has a big bite mark that won't heal! and everybody has teeth-marks somewhere on their body!)

- you are obsessed with music. Anywhere that there is music, is where your attention will be!

- we are still breast feeding...and managed to make it to the 6 month mark without a bottle. This is a family first for us ;-)

- you are immensely fascinated with children and babies! 

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