Wednesday, 6 June 2012

(Day 187) First winter!

*I stole this pic from day 188 as we have been so busy getting ready for home schooling and running around after the four of you munchkins that good photo's have been hard to take (and my camera is seriously bad! I have put my orders in to Santa to get me a nice one this year ;-) hehe).

It is the first day of winter (well around our parts) and it has dawned on us that you have never experienced cold weather. You poor little thing! Last night was very long, as you mewed like a little kitten and buried your head deeper into your Mama (there was no getting you anywhere near the cot - the cot is getting more of a work out as a toy storage unit than anything else!). You wanted to breast feed all night, or alternatively, just be cuddled, despite the million or so layers of clothing that you had on!

For the first time ever, you were very happy to lay in your hammock *mwahaha I finally got you into it!* in the sunshine, snuggled in your jumper and blankets, and worship the sun for a little while ;-) 

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