Thursday, 28 June 2012

(Day 209) Appreciating our kids more

I am at loss to describe how deeply affected I have been today by the news that a fellow Mummy-blogger whom I have occasionally happened by, and often admired, lost her much loved baby son Elijah Rainbow. Elijah was only a mere few days older than Layla-Rae, and as I read her story of love, longing and intense greif, as she mourned the loss of her son, and the passion with which she continues on with her writing, I was reminded of how powerful documenting your life can be. 

For this mother, who lost her child so early, and so tragically, there will always be her blog - a written and visual tribute to the magic that was her fleeting 7 months with her baby boy. 

His birth story

Love and laughter as they travelled, ate, sang and explored together

Photographs and memories of time that she can never get back, but days that she can perhaps look back on, and remember more vividly through her documentation of it.

I can not imagine how she has been able to summon the strength to be able to continue on with such dignity, integrity and grace

However this woman has inspired me today - to cuddle my own children a little more tightly, to hold Layla a little longer in my arms, to be happy and content with my decision to home school our children for this little while - and spend that time with them. 

I have remembered this mother's words many times throughout my day today - that although she has such intense grief for her son, she will never regret that she did not hold him enough, or spend enough time with him, and in that knowing, she can take comfort


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