Friday, 20 July 2012

(Dy 231) Homeschooling with baby

Dearest Layla

You are almost 8 months old and our family can barely even remember 'life without Layla'

Sam says 'I don't even remember what we did before we had Layla - I think that we must have had a boring life'

I remind him that we used to do lots of fun things together; camping, going to music festivals, holidays to the beach, trips to the park, kayaking, barbecues with friends... and he says "oh", as if all of that was a distant dream

... like it doesn't really matter now - because Layla wasn't there!

You are very certainly the centre of our family universe. As your brother and sisters go about their daily homeschool work in the mornings, there is always one person bouncing you in your jumping toy, or crawling around on the floor with you, feeding you mashed banana or jumping up and down trying to get you to laugh, while the other two quietly attempt to get their book work done!

Your brother and sisters have discovered that you love 'Barney' on Youtube, and lullabies on the ipad, so Sammy can often be found cradling you while playing Barney songs and singing softly in your ear " I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...' when he is meant to be sitting down completing his math book

or your big sister can be found changing your nappy and carefully choosing a perfect outfit for your day, with her reading book sitting neglected on the couch

...and in those moments it is easy to forget the times throughout these long, looong early homeschooling days when there seems so very much for Mummy to do, and not enough time to do it in

for there is plenty of time

and you are all getting the very rare opportunity to spend these long months together as a family, learning about each other and sharing moments that would otherwise be spent away from each other, doing other things, and never the wiser that this is what would have been missed ;-) 

some random Layla facts: this week you are full steam ahead with your belly-scoot crawling - tearing books out of the book case and throwing toys across the room! You hand things back and forth (namely the dummy) and pass your dummy out of your mouth (with half an eyebrow raised, as if you don't know if that is a good move) and quickly snatch it back once someone says 'ta'. You are not in your own bed at the moment and when you wake up in the morning, you sit straight up and start grabbing at Mum's mouth, or slapping Daddy on the head to wake us up!

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