Wednesday, 12 September 2012

(Day 284) In memory of Kerryn

As most of you know, I started this blog as a '365 day project' to document every day in the life of our little family. The idea behind the project was to appreciate every day, see the beauty in things that could otherwise be seen as mundane, and to perhaps look back on this in days and years to come and remember the little things that we often miss in the busy-ness of our lives.

When I started this project it was with another wonderful group of like-minded people - almost all women, and almost all of them mothers. As mothers we have a tendency to take a lot of photographs of our children  (and without us in them because we are always behind the camera!) however today I made a special effort to have myself included in a photograph, in memory of one member of our group, Kerryn, who was tragically and suddenly killed this week, while 8 months pregnant with her second child.

You can find Kerryn's blog here:

There are no words to express the tragedy of Kerryn's sudden departure from the family that she loved and treasured every day, with every breath, and every photograph of the little girl that she held so precious. And it is the one saving grace, perhaps, that her daughter has such a wonderful and vivid collection of memories that her mother saved up just for her - one every day - that she might be able to look back on one day. As one of her very last photographs was with her daughter, we are reminded that it is sometimes important to leave memories for our children, not just as we saw them through our eyes, but of ourselves living life alongside and with them.

How you live a lot of your days on the beach - in the sling :-) (note: there was a hat but it got thrown off of your head by the wind and you refused to wear a wet hat and decided to try and bite me every time I attempted to put it back on!)

                My view of Layla - legs dangling and kicking me with all the cheekiness of a big bubba

                       Your big sister putting sunscreen on your arms and legs while entertaining you

                                                               More wildlife at the beach!


Amber {we stood together} said...

Lovely words and gorgeous photos of you and your kids.
I love all the ones of Layla snuggled up tight against your chest. Babywearing is the best :)

Maxima said...

So very lovely words... and I love how your little darling is cuddling to you in your sling!

Julia Cooke said...

I love babywearing pics and the last one is just magic. Such a lovely post.