Monday, 1 October 2012

(Day 303) Almost 10 months!

Dear Layla

You are almost 10 months old today and it seems like you change before our very eyes

one minute you are crawling

the next you are speed-crawling everywhere, getting in to everything, trying to stick your fingers into power points and eat anything that you can pry out from under/ over/ in-between or around any object that you come across

one minute you are smiling

the next minute you giggle at everything, and look for things to laugh at. You excitedly crawl up to the computer or an ipad, expectantly waiting for your brother or your sisters to put on 'Barney' for you to dance to, or to sing you a lullaby

one minute you can stand up

and the next minute you are walking along things, pulling yourself up on tables and chairs, and pulling drawers out of their cupboards. You are dancing upright, and banging your head up and down, you squeal when you like something and you squeal louder (and bite!) when you don't

one minute you can cry

the next minute you make little noises to signal that you are hungry, or you get very excited and dance around when Mama asks if you would like a milk (breast feed). You grasp for a glass of water when you want to drink, or you hum when Mum is listening to music in the car. You say 'baba' when you are trying to sing and you wake me up by crawling on top of my head and patting me gently on the face.

Every day is a brand new adventure that your brother and sisters watch with just as much awe as your proud mama and dada, and that is the most beautiful thing

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