Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 460: Painting a new life

My dear, beautiful, amazing, miraculous Layla

It has been a long time between blog posts as we have been busy

 leading life 

 homeschooling with your brother and sister

guiding your eldest sister into becoming the person that she wants to be

 sparking off new and exciting ideas for homeschool communities here

 giving birth to business ideas, turning our lives upside down like a box full of lego and just looking at the pieces trying to decide where to put them

... if there are parts that need to be added

... if we even need whole pieces at all.

As your gift to us, you brought with you a whole new world of dreams and visions with you. 

I knew the minute that we had you the world had turned upside down for us and our family's universe would never be the same. You brought with you ideas and hopes that were not there before, and miraculously, the will to be able to do what we hadn't thought we could before. 

A leaving behind of the institution of schooling, which kind of began slowly, but has come to fruition and just grown on us!  I got my driver's license, and we found our first house. We abandoned full time employment and set up our own enterprises - it is all coming together, not seamlessly, but like one big, messy painting with lots of creative little additions here and there. 

So bear with me as I fill in the boxes of the 100 posts I have missed! 

You are growing wonderfully, all is well 

much love, Mama xx

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