Monday, 22 July 2013

Layla 19 months old

Layla 19 months old!

It has been 19 months already and you are still that little spark of joy that lights up our whole family, sends us into fits of laughter, keeps us on our toes, is demanding and wonderful, gorgeous and entertaining all at once!

You are the funniest little performer out there - commanding the whole family to "stop! Stop! look! watch!' until you wait until you have everyone's attention and break into a rendition of 'twinkle twinkle Mummy's milkies'.. remixing all of the favourites to include the lyrics that you think should be there.

The funniest one to date goes:

Twinkle twinkle little star
Mummy Mummy Mummy Milkies
Mummy Milkies Daddy Coffee
Daddy Coffee Mummy Milkies
Sammy Mummy Daddy Milkies 
How I wonder what you aaaaarrrrreee

Clearly we need to start adding video to this little blog, as it is much funnier when sung in-tune, with proper timing and pauses for dramatic effect...and you ALWAYS pause for dramatic effect, just making sure that everyone has caught up to your sense of humour before you continue on.

We are starting to upload youtube videos as you become more proficient at singing - I am sure you will be some sort of entertainer one day! Just today you were imitating your big sisters, sitting in earnest on the floor with a cup carefully turning in your hands while you sang "aaaaall gone, alllll gooo--oooo---one, la la la la aaaall gone" in a baby rendition of the cup song. You are so hysterically funny that I think you even entertain yourself! 

x Love Mama

Ps. Still breastfeeding - it is an enormous and amazing feat, and a miracle! SO very grateful for the opportunity to still be nursing you into your toddlerdom!

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