Saturday, 18 February 2012

(Day 78) First day at the beach!

Dear Layla-Rae 

This afternoon was your first ever time at the beach

It was almost dusk, and as your brother and sisters stripped off and squealed excitedly, jumping through the waves and running up and down the sand, you snuggled into Daddy and and quietly took it in

For the first time, you squished sand between your toes (and had it lovingly wiped away from your eyes), breast fed with the lovely sea breeze on your face, and felt the salty warm water on your pudgy little legs

I was so excited to show you the beach - there were so many times that we dreamed about all of your 'firsts' and now that they are here, sometimes it feels like it is Christmas morning every day!

I can't wait to share a hundred more firsts with you, my beautiful girl

Love from Mummy


NannaMel said...

Sharing our children's firsts is such a blessing isn't it?
lovely shots....

leaha said...

Great photos, she is so cute, i think she is about the same age as my youngest. It is such a lovely age,I love sharing first with him.