Friday, 17 February 2012

(Day 77) Holding your head up

The concentration!

I didn't even know that you could hold your head up while on your belly (erm, perhaps due to the fact that you detest 'tummy time' and scream every time you are encouraged to lie on your belly!) but it seems that your milestones are coming thick and fast this week, and you decided that (at Nonna's) you were going to hold your head up. 

You then sat propped up on a pillow and launched yourself forward, catapulting over face-first into the mattress! This didn't seem to faze you however. You are apparently a pro at acrobatics now.

I suspect that you are secretly practising them in the night.

1 comment:

SisterOfLayla said...

Yep! And now she can roll over when she wakes up and stare out of the bassinet @ everybody!