Saturday, 25 February 2012

(Day 85) Finding your fingers!

Dear Layla

You are growing into one of the most adorable little girls that we have ever had the chance to meet. You are so happy and full of smiles and curiosity! Aunty Erica keeps saying "she is so interested in everything!" and you are. 

At the moment you have found your fingers, and you are sucking them at every opportunity that you get. You will be in the middle of a feed, then somehow work your fingers into your mouth and forget all about being hungry (until you realise that they have no milk in them). There is often times when we will hear you gagging, after a particularly long session of trying to get your whole hands to fit down your throat, and achieving some success in choking on them! 

You have also figured out that you can spit the dummy out (often long distances) and take great delight in pulling the dummy out of your mouth and then trying to shove it back in. You are a constant source of wonderment for your older siblings who have never experienced a baby, and are fascinated by your exploration of the world. Even your brother, who is all about armies and cars and video games, just watches you and cuddles you and laughs at your daily antics. 

You are making Daddy so clucky that he says if every baby was like you, he would want another 10 more! 

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