Sunday, 26 February 2012

(Day 86) Learning to play

In the last few days you are just starting to learn how to play. You put your head up and turn your eyes toward a little yellow tiger that hangs above you in your play gym, and stare at it for minutes on end (which in baby time is equivalent to whole hours!)

You have just started to have short conversations with some of the hanging toys, such as;

 "ooh" (translation - "that's a strange noise...are you edible?"), 

"ahooh" (translation - " If I could reach you to get you in my mouth, I am sure I could eat you") 

"erghhh" ("yep, you are scaring me now, I wish I could get up and run away from you!")

This is a good opportunity for us to try and get you to have some 'tummy time' - which, seeing it does not involve a breast or cuddling anybody, you have previously had a serious aversion to!

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