Tuesday, 13 March 2012

(Day 102) Too much noise!

 Having three older siblings sometimes means that you are subjected to environments that are less-than-amusing for little babies, though unfortunately, being a mother to four children means that sometimes Mummy needs to bring you along to noisy/ wet/ uncomfortable places for short duration's in order to be the best Mummy possible! 

Today was one of those days

In some strange and wonderful twist of fate, your big brother Sammy and your Aunty Erica were both chosen to represent their schools at inter-school athletics carnivals within one day of each other. Which means that both yesterday and today you were subjected to environments which were both noisy and crowded, and wet! Like a trooper, you quietly tolerated war-cries and wet splashes from little people exiting the pool, however, after half an hour or so, the wailing started (and I don't blame you, my ears were beginning to ring with the voices of lots of very passionate team supporters) and we made a very quick exit!

However, I am sure that cuddles from Sammy, Grandma and Grandma Nina, and Mummy made it a lot nicer for you :-) 

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