Wednesday, 14 March 2012

(Day 103) Have baby, will travel

Ever since Mummy finally got her licence to drive last week, life has been one big adventure for you!

In and out of the car to visit Nonna, go for coffee dates with your bestie, and with your grandma Nina

Trips to the beach, picking up the kids from school, and today swimming at the local swimming pool - complete with a whole baby swimming beach area! 

It has been great fun, but you and the car are not friends. You are very happy to be bundled up to go out with Mummy, but as soon as you are placed in that car capsule, the look of (horror/ terror/ omg get me outta here) realisation comes across that little face and we are in for a good ten minutes of shrieking (if we are lucky) until we get to our which point, you make a full and miraculous recovery!

Another by-product of living a life of adventure means that you are often seen passed-out in random locations like this one - fast asleep on Mummy's lap, snuggled into a towel with warm socks pulled all of the way up to your knees, while your brother and sister splash around in the water, and Mummy and Aidan take turns looking after you.

What a wonderful life this is today...

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