Wednesday, 16 May 2012

(Day 166) Where the wild things are

Dear Layla

Today was a day where it was absolutely impossible to choose just one photo of you, so I am going to need to write at least three blogs to capture all of the cute that I managed to trap inside my camera in the last 12 hours!

Oh how you have changed, and are growing into the wildest little thing before our very eyes

You now wake up in the morning with little mewing sounds, like a tiny kitten trying to get attention from the mama cat - 'mew mew mew' from your cot, or (most often) in my ear, in bed right next to me, dummy freshly spat, wriggling around and looking for your morning milk!

You have learnt how to grab (and deftly swipe!) things from all sorts of places, catching everybody by surprise as you knock over the vase full of flowers that your big sister Aidan bought me (with her very first pay cheque) for Mother's Day, or send somebody's drink flying clean across the table

You grunt when you want something that is just out of your reach, and you wriggle and squirm, and perform a sort of pre-army crawl across the floor - which involves a whole lot of rolling and twisting movements but not a whole lot of actual crawling - to get what you want

You have taken to high-pitched squealing to get what you want, and will squeal loudly and incessantly until the object of your desire either relents and comes running for you (usually in the form of one of your slaves, otherwise known as 'mama', 'dada' or one of your siblings) or you go lurching toward it!

You have quite taken to Sam's dark coffee brown hair, which is quite a few shades darker to everybody else's in the house, and take great delight in grabbing at it with both hands, twisting it into your fingers and munching on it with savage delight as your brother screams and protests, then lets you do it all over again

You are wild alright

Perfectly, wonderfully, wild child

Which is why this costume is perfect for you today <3 

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fawnanddoe said...

She is a cute little wild thing and she sounds like a delight to have in the household, even if she is creating chaos! It is so cute to see how much she has changed since the beginning of the project.