Wednesday, 16 May 2012

(Day 167) Raised by a village

Today was but food for my daydreams again 

If you are not yet familiar with my fantasies of checking-out of city living and moving to a remote island, raising hippy, free-range children and generally spending most of my days doing exactly this, then this is my ultimate dream

Long hours spent at the beach, just.doing.nothing

Well, not nothing technically - the boutique version of nothing. 

Laying in the sun


Exploring rocks and crabs and all of the wonderful things that live in hidden places near beaches

Watching grown children run and squeal and follow peculiar-looking blue crabs over boulders that lead to the sea. Running free range and raised by a village.

The soundtrack to this dream sounds a little bit like this

It is funny the dreams that children bring along with them when they enter this world... 

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Love your pictures! How cool would it be to "check out" and go freerange :P