Monday, 27 August 2012

(Day 268)

I am cheating a little with this photo as I have stolen it from day 270, however it was too gorgeous not to share! We have discovered that you are using your new-found fine motor skills to pick up anything off of the floor to eat, and thought that the best way to help you along would be to let you start feeding yourself. 

There is lots of research that letting a baby self-feed not only decreases risks of obesity, but also assists you to do all kinds of other necessary developmental things, so self-feeding it is!

Today you not only fed yourself mashed vegetables, but when you were finished, you were very curious as to where they came from, and promptly located the potato masher (that was being used to spoon vegetables on to your table), attempting to serve yourself some more vegetables, and then eventually giving up and going straight to the source!

Every day with you is such a joy and a pleasure, it is impossible not to have a giggle!

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