Tuesday, 28 August 2012

(Day 269) Wooden blocks

I used to think that parents who wanted their children to play with only wooden toys (which are very expensive in comparison to plastic!) were a little pretentious - in the same way that some might say ' I only drink bottled water' or ' I can only have my caviar on a Sunday morning accompanied by 1945 chardonnay'. However little miss B has been doing quite a lot of research on the affects of chemicals in the home lately, and has come up with alarming research about the affects of plastic on baby hormones and the chemical changes that can occur in little people's bodies when they are exposed to plastic. 

If you are interested in this (and you probably could spare 5 minutes to do a Google search - it's a bit scary!) a good place to start is with 'Slow death by rubber duck'.

Needless to say, rubber ducks are being re-homed in the rubbish bin, and I am going to be one of those parents who endorses wooden toys and possibly only eat caviar on a Sunday :-) 

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