Saturday, 19 October 2013

Ice skating - 22 months

The other day we decided to brave the ice rink, even with you so little and prone to dangerous stunt-baby risk taking behaviour

You are 22 months old and full of bravado. Jump off those stairs? of course you can. Swim in that pool without floating devices? not a problem. Fly off the balcony to go and cuddle our get the picture. 

Nothing is too big, or too high, too hard or too scary. 

Except vacuum cleaners - but that is a whole different kettle of fish. 

Of no surprise was the fact that you wanted to ice skate like your big brother 'Dammy' and you delighted in watching him skate at a billion kilometres an hour like a pro, then diving toward the ice (without the need for the baby ice-skates, which you flatly refused) in an attempt to ice skate on pure natural ability and ridiculously inept footwear alone. 

Luckily Aunty S (for Super-Aunt) was there to escort you around the rink - making her your absolute best friend from that moment on. 

And Mummy got a bit of a rude shock when I excitedly donned a pair of skates, ready to take you ice skating with me for the first time, and you very clearly stated

"No! No I go (Super Aunty) - pwease Mummy ... no, no, no!"

So apparently Mum's are also optional extras when it comes to dare-devil, stunt-baby behaviour. 

That's cool. I am totally ok with that. Just remember this when you decide to try sky-diving when you are 16 :-) 

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