Saturday, 19 October 2013

Grown up

Dear Layla

apparently you are a grown up now

you have decided

Every little person that you see is a 'baby' - even our 4 year old friend that came to visit us the other day (who is at least three times as tall as you), who you chased around the house, saying "baby, baby! come and sit on me!"

He was quite perturbed that somebody of such a small stature was chasing him, calling him 'baby' and then patiently sitting on the couch, patting her lap and looking at him expectantly like 'I know you want a cuddle little guy, just hop up here and I will nurse you for a bit'.

It is hard not to laugh, because of course, you are not too impressed when people laugh at you for thinking that you are a grown up. Because you are. 

You have decided.

But you are still our baby

x mama

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