Saturday, 19 October 2013


                 Try to look at this little face for too long and not drown in these massive brown eyes!

Being treated to a free, frothy babycino at a local cafe, Layla is impatient and exasperated, saying her very favourite words for the day (because there are new sentences for every day now) 

"I DO DAT! - No Mummy I DO DAT"

And she takes the porcelain cup very carefully from me, as not to spill it
holds the cup daintily between forefinger and thumb and sips the froth until it is all over her face and she is nose-deep in foamy, chocolatey bubbles.

"Dis chocolate. Layla's chocolate" 

Very slowly independence is creeping in, and all too soon I will be sitting across from her (as her older sister is), at a cafe, while she talks about university applications and business opportunities. 

But for now Layla still needs help with a few things. 

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